Worry-Free Warranty

 30 days money back and 1-year warranty, please kindly contact us if you have any questions.


POS Integration

1.Get orders from UberEats, Skip The Dishes or DoorDash in our single app*.
2.Sent directly to your kitchen by one click.
*require api access permission from food ordering platform. 
通过我们的软件 可以直接接收平台所有的订单并一键导入POS 发送到厨房.

Gift Card,Rewards Program

Customized PVC card meet your needed.  NFC, Mag strip, Barcode Card. Can be used as gift card or any rewards program.

SMS,Calling system

Send sms to or call your customer at one click.

Customer Orders History/Repeat last orders

Unlike other POS.  Our POS not limited to one previous order.You can track it easily and add it quickly to current order at anytime.

You can also reference other customers without exiting your current order page.

Print job forwarding


EasyPOS will forward print job to near by printer once if any kitchen print fails. You will never miss any orders. 



EasyPOS (Windows)

Please contact us before testing our demo.
演示数据库为远程服务器 存在一定延时。为了让您更好的了解我们的系统,建议先联系我们.
1.本软件打印机支持网口/wifi打印机、USB打印机,蓝牙打印机。请先在windows 设置默认打印机
2.解压缩,运行 easypos.exe 即可测试
3.用户名,密码均为  1


Self-ordering app

Please contact us before testing our demo.
1.请在安卓,ios 安装对应app。
app 名称: easypos menu pro
2.退出密码 8889